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Nothing simpler.
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Each his method to order

Place directly your orders via API. This is the method we recommend to all those who wish to 100% automate their e-shop. You must nevertheless make your own IT developments to connect to our systems. You're a developer, or you have the resources to make your own developments : access the complete documentation.

Place your orders via CSV (XLS). You are not a developer but you have a good control of office tools, and these allow you to save a lot of time. Prepare your orders in the spreadsheet of your choice (Excel or other), and simply send us your CSV batch file via our very intuitive interface. Download examples and be guided to create your first files.

You're not necessary comfortable with the technique, but you know how to sell! No problem ! has also thought about you! We have developed a very simple interface allowing you to directly place the orders of your customers online, manually, as on any shop. Order very simply, directly on!

Nothing simpler.

Try our


API (or not!)

You link your inline shop to our 100% automated API. An in-depth documentation is at your disposal, and you can test everything.



You have access to our products catalog. It includes t-shirts, sweats, and many other apparel to serve the needs of your customers. Our catalog is frequently updated.



Place your orders via API, CSV or directly online. We print the visuals asked by your customer on the product.



We parcel clothing with the best of care. During the entire printing chain, the apparels are identified to avoid any error or mistakes.



Our partner Colissimo is in charge of the carriage of the parcel. We have managed to broker very advantageous prices for all of our clients who benefit from our global volume.



During the whole process, we let you access any tracking informations. Therefore, your clients can know immediately at what point are their orders.

Adopt DropShipPrint now!

Simplify your activity and make it reliable.

We have developped a simple and automated solution to optimize your prints on demande management. Simply connect your orders with our API, or send us your orders via CSV, or pass them directly to In the case of the API, a complete and in-depth documentation is at your disposal et you can do all the tests you need to do with our "sandbox" mode.

Therefore, when a customer will order on your website, it will be sent (automatically if API) to the printing house and will be processed. We will print regarding the informations you gave us: product, visual, packaging, shipping.

The delivery is completely white-labeled and our brand will not appear at any moment in the process. Your customer won't event have an ouce of doubt about the origin of its parcel.

Furthermore, all this can be automated if you use the API: you retreive the parcel tracking number et you can then update your website. The customer will get these shipping informations live, and can track his parcel.

In case you do not use the API, you will always have access to your orders, and real-time tracking of them via your account.

On your side, once orders placed, you don't have anything left to do! Your account management is autonomous. Financially, you add credits at the start of each month, depending on your estimated order volume and you will be able to do complementary recharges at any time.