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Our Full Automated API

Our 100% automated Web To Print API allows you to save time on the while process. Browse products, prices, order and track the shipping of your printed Tshirts (swears, polos, shirts, ...) in the blink of an eye using DropShipPrint.fr API!

C'est simple : Select a product, indicate the surfaces to print, send visuals, shipping address, and voilà! Everything is printed and delivered to you customer as if it were you! And everything is done completely automated. Marvelous, isn't it?

Découvrez rapidement quelques fonctionnalités :

List all available products

Returns the list of all available products, with complementary informations such as colors, sizes, dimensions, marking surfaces...

Retreive a specific product (by ID)

Returns the informations of the requested product such as colors, sizes, dimensions, marking surfaces...

List all prices of a specific product

Returns the prices of a specific product.

List all orders

Returns the list of all your orders with details

Retreive a specific order (by ID)

Returns informations corresponding to the order number you sent. Example: current status, tracking number, etc

List all historied of a specific order

Returns an array with every status an order had.

Send orders to production

Allows you to send multiple orders in order for us to manage it in our production process

Replace an order

Allows you to delete a recent order and replace it with another one (PUT = DELETE + POST).

Delete an orde

Allows you to delete an order which hasn't been sent to production (cf "patchable" field)