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Our printing house takes care of all apparel/clothing orders made on your e-shop, and we ship them directly to your customers, in your name. This is completely transparent for your client and entirely automated for you. We offer you a large variety of clothing products (tshirts, sweatshirts, polos, ...).

The registration is completely free and allows you to access our in-depth API Docs.

Account registration and API tests are totally free. However, you will have to buy credits in order to send us your customers' orders. There is no subscription, nor hidden fees.

It is very simple: you buy credits, and depending on the level, you will benefit from a tarification advantage. Your balance must be positive in order for your customers' orders to be received on our platform.

In order to link your webshop to our API, you should be skilled in programmation langage. You may possess those qualifications internally, or you can use a external provider's services.

You can freely access our documentation. This one is complete and contains examples, which gives you all the tools to integrate it.

You can entirely connect your favorite CMS to our API. However, we do not provide any module ; you will have to develop this bridge by youtself.

From your account panel, you can access our ticket system: depending on your question, our advisors will take care of your request and will answer you as soon as possible.

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